Are you teased from the way you look?

Maybe it's the clothes you wear?

Perhaps because of the clothes you wear, people call you names like poorby.

Perhaps from the way you look, people lie and call you ugly.

This doesn't need to continue.

This comes under bullying, and 'judging a book by it's cover'.

Maybe at one point you cut your wrists, and now your being called an emo when that was your past... that's considered a few things.

Look we have all been bullied, and the people who bully you, are just insecure and are scared to show how they really feel.

Don't get to their level, don't retaliate, and don't become one of 'them'.

In these days, your judged for everything. Where your from, what colour hair you have, your past (which shouldn't count... but to others it does), how much make you wear, if guys straighten their hair, if guys wear a tad bit of make-up, how your voice sounds, what your parents look like, what car you drive, where you live, what school you go to, what music you listen to. THERE IS NO END.

In these days, your either skinny or your a feral, your straight or your some confused homo, your a pretty blonde or your some black haired emo, your popular or you will just never EVER be cool.

This is a load a shit. If you're bigger in size... who cares, flaunt what you got, and never ever let those other people put you down, everyone is beautiful in their own ways. <3

If you are a gay, homosexual, lesbian, bisexual or any other types. YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. Don't even listen to those insecure assholes, who could have the nerve to even say a word to you beautiful individuals. I have many gay friends, and all of them have been better than my straight friends.. you are very great people, with the best of personalities. <3

Who cares if you are emo, you girls and guys are really great people, and i have many emo friends, i kind of hate that word myself because... it is kind of judging you guys, but you know i meane everything from the heart. All of you are great people, and alot of you have the BEST personalities. <3

And lastly, who cares if you aren't as popular cause, get was that means, you will keep your v's longer... which is a good thing, because then you won't go getting herpes, or aids or anything. You won't become some single mother at 15, and you will have true friends who literally will stick by you through everything. <3

Remember, you are who you are and no-one can change you.

'Love me or hate me: I promise it won't make me or break me- Lil Wayne.'

Hope this helped, even the slightest.

Lots of love


<3 til the next blog.


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